People who want their car to be tuned to perfection will settle for nothing less than a custom dyno tuning in order to fine-tune engine operation and make the most out of their hardware capabilities. You can be sure that the car is still going to do everything it did when it was standard – start well from cold, control idle speed and offer perfect driveability, while still producing more power than from the factory. Lower exhaust temperatures combined with unrestricted flow will gain you more power at the wheels and even lower fuel consumption.

Re-mapping the engine can be done by plugging a special cable into the OBD-II or BDM port, and from there the maps can be read out of the ECU, modified as needed and then ‘flashed’ back in. For the above applications we are using Alientech, CMD and EcuTek solutions.

Below are specifications of some of our customer’s tuned cars. Please note that power and torque figures are measured at the wheel. Even though the estimated power on the flywheel is displayed on the chart, it should be considered as it’s name suggests – an estimate.

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Audi A4 3.0tdi

Power (stock): 204 hp (NO DPF version) Power (tuned): 272 hp

Audi TT V6

Power (stock): 250 hp Power (measured): 240 hp Power (tuned): 263 hp

Audi A6 3.0 biturbo

Beautiful car, removed DPF and smokeless tune Power (stock): 313 hp Power (tuned): 355 hp

Audi RS7

Decated and full open exhaust system Power (stock): 545 hp Power (tuned): 690 hp

Audi A6 3.0tdi

Power (stock): 204 hp Power (measured after DPF removal): 235 hp Power (tuned): 280 hp

Audi A5 2.0 TFSi

Full open Milletech exhaust and K&N air filter netted really nice power for this A5! Power (stock): 211 hp Power (tuned): 275 hp

Audi A6 2.0 TFSi

Power (stock): 180 hp Power (measured); 170 hp Power (tuned): 232 hp

Audi S3

Power (stock): 265 hp
Power (tuned): 355 hp

Audi RS6 V10

Power: 415.0 kW @ 5,679
Torque: 776.4 Nm @ 3,975
Gain: 120 bhp

BMW 530d

Power (stock): 235 hp Power (tuned): 309 hp

BMW M235i

Power (stock): 326 hp Power (tuned): 404 hp This car uses full 3" open exhaust with 200HJS cat converter.

BMW 316d

Power (stock): 116 hp Power (measured): 130 hp Power (tuned): 192 hp

BMW 218D

Power (stock): 150 hp Power (tuned): 193 hp

BMW 320d

Power (stock): 150 hp Power (tuned): 180 hp

BMW 316d

This 316 came with 1,6d engine, which had 108hp, not even 116, as it should be from the factory. After tune, we got max power for this setup. Power (stock): 116 hp Power (measured): 108 hp Power (tuned): 142 hp

BMW 520d

Clogged DPF, after removal and tuning, healthy and clean power. Power (stock): 184 hp Power (measured): 158 hp Power (tuned): 206 hp

BMW 116d

Power (stock): 116 hp Power (measured): 110 hp Power (tuned): 172 hp

BMW X1 1.8d

Power (stock): 143 hp Power: (measured): 148 hp Power (tuned): 193 hp

BMW X6 4.0d

Power (stock): 306 hp Power (measured): 276 hp Power (tuned): 332 hp

BMW 418d

Power (measured): 146 hp Power (tuned):  182 hp

BMW 640d

Power (stock): 313 hp Power (tuned): 350 hp

BMW 118d

Power (stock): 143 hp Power (measured): 155  hp Power (tuned): 180 hp

BMW 320d

Already tuned BMW by popular chip tuner, known as The Ditch, had less than stock power... With DPF removed, dyno showed helaty 215 smokeless hp Power (stock): 163 hp Power (tuned by popular cheap tuner): 151 hp Power (tuned): 215 hp

BMW M235i

This beautiful little BMW came in already "tuned" with a piggyback JB4 box. The goal was simple: to have better torque/power than JB4 and still retain STOCK OEM reliablity. Power (stock): 326 hp Power (measured):stock, without cats 356 hp Power (tuned): JB4 setting 2,...

BMW X5 4.0D

Power (stock): 313 hp Power (tuned): 365 hp Stage 1+ with NO smoke and no DPF

BMW 320d

Power (stock): 184 hp Power (tuned): 215 hp

BMW 320d

Power (stock): 163 hp Power (measured): 174 hp Power (tuned): 214 hp


Power (stock): 431 hp Power (tuned): 454 hp

BMW 530xd

Power (stock): 228 hp Power (tuned): 282 hp

Civic 2.2cdti

Power (stock): 140 hp Power (measured): 131 hp (no DPF) Power (tuned): 168 hp (DPF Off)

Hyundai IX35 1.7

Power (stock): 115 hp Power (measured): 110 hp Power (tuned): 143 hp

Mazda MPS

Power (stock): 260 hp Power (tuned): 310 hp all open

Mercedes ML63 AMG

This ML63 came to us with full open Milletech exhaust system, with 200 cell HJS converters and dual sound system on demand. Power (stock with closed exhaust flaps): 409 hp Power (stock with open flaps): 423 hp Power (tuned for high flow Milletech exhaust system): 446...

Mercedes A200CDI

Base tune of this beautiful A class Power (stock): 133 hp Power (tuned): 163 hp

Mercedes GLE 350cdi

Beautiful Mercedes GLE 350cdi. Strong engine with loads of torque. We just added a little magic. Power (stock): 258 hp Power (tuned): 313 hp

Mini Cooper S

Milltek exhaust only. Power (stock): 184 hp Power (measured): 178 hp Power (tuned): 206 hp

Porsche 997 GT3

This beautiful Porsche has our Milletech open exhaust and it gained some small HP on this already perfect engine. Power (stock): 435 hp Power (tuned): 442 hp

Porsche Cayman S

This car came equipped with full #Milletechnology de-cat straight through system and we added well known K&N air filter. The car produces 295 hp stock and we were asked to tune the engine according to changes around the engine. The car was custom tuned on the...

Renault Clio RS

Power (stock): 197 hp Not one CLio comes out of the factory with 197hp. The biggest number we saw was 170hp on stock engine. Hence this is so big gain! Power (tuned): 193 hp

Renault Megane RS265

The car was already equipped with full Akrapovic de-cat system, hybrid turbo upgrade, aftermarket intercooler,  and had a generic tune by a UK company. The car produces 265 hp stock and previously mentioned upgrades have increased the power to 285 hp. The car was...

Seat Leon Cupra

Power (stock): 241 hp Power (measured): 242 hp Power (measured after other tuner): 243 hp Power (tuned): 286 hp

Subaru Impreza STi

Upgraded turbo, injectors and intercooler, tuned with Ecutek. Power (stock): 285 hp Power (tuned): 410 hp

Subaru Impreza WRX

  This beautiful Subaru is upgraded with THP forged engine, big Subaru turbo and all the necessary goodies to perform flawleslly for a number of years. Power (stock): 218 hp Power (tuned): 360 hp

Toyota Hilux 3.0D4D

Power (stock): 177 hp Power (measured): 137 hp Power (tuned): 158 hp Power (stock): 580 hp | Power (tuned): 650+ hp Exhaust:...

VW Touran 1.6tdi

Power (stock): 105 hp Power (tuned): 137 hp DPF OFF, EGR OFF, AD Blue OFF

VW Golf 1.6d

Power (stock): 105 hp Power (measured): 85 Power (tuned): no dpf 135 hp

VW Passat 2.0tdi

Power (stock): 170 hp Power (measured): 148 hp Power (tuned): 203 hp

VW Passat 1.6tdi

Power (stock): 105 hp Power (measured): 90 Power (tuned):  137 hp

VW Golf 7R

Power (stock): 301 hp Power (tuned): 346 hp

VW Golf 6 GTi

Power (stock): 211 hp Power (measured): 235 hp Power (tuned):  267 hp

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