T.H. Performance serves the market from 2007, but the start of the company goes back into 2002. In 2002, the start of the company was quick and the knowledge rise was very steep. We had a great platform to learn on, Subaru Sti. As Ecutek dealers we entered deep into one of the most sophisticated ecu’s on the market in that moment, exploring active timing, false knock and importance of quality fuel. In the same time, we were appointed as exclusive Autronic dealers, exploring the standalone market. As we come with great electronic background, it was a breeze to adopt all new stuff that we encountered. That part lasted for 4 years and countless road kilometers were covered on passenger seat with laptop on the knees and knock headphones on the ears. It paid off, as suddenly we had all the records in our closet.

Then, a new moment arose. In 2007, THP was founded with only one sole goal. To deliver excellence to our customers through our work. Some cars made then still drive strong today, as a testament of good quality work. One of the thing we especially are proud off is the fact that we never ever sell any cheap chinese or counterfeit parts to anybody. Quality of parts that we deliver was always on the highest level. Carrillo, Wiseco, JE, ARP, Turbosmart and other quality companies ensured our position as high quality engine builders, and gave our customers peace of mind.


For 14 long and very fast years, experience accumulated into THP team resulted in one very knowledgeable and efficient team of individuals. Today we deliver engines throughout the Europe, from stock rebuilds to extreme cases. Today we deliver fully sophisticated ECU systems, tuned to perfection. One of our secret is brand new Mainline AWD dyno, capable of 2400HP in 4wd mode. Extremely high accuracy of dyno measurement and repeatability of results over and over ensures each of our customers in true and tested result. Dyno cell with more than 75 000m3 of fresh air exchange per hour ensures best quality tunes. We tune OEM and standalone systems to perfection.

THP serves the market of all makes. Japanese, German or any other manufacturer is welcome. Our endless experience with Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Opel, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat, Rover, Ford, Lancia, SAAB, Renault, Audi and Toyota gave us the biggest amount of knowledge available.

We are proud to serve you.