Kelford Cams

Kelford Cams

The vision is for Kelford Cams to be known one of the best in the camshaft industry, to be recognised worldwide for manufacturing high quality, high performance camshafts for the motor sport industry.

The company mission can be defined by answering one question: How does Kelford Cams intend to win?

Kelford Cams intends to win by:
Understanding their niche in the market they compete in, and leading the way by being first to market with exciting, new, innovative products;
Designing the best camshaft profiles to achieve better results than their competitors so that their customers win;
Manufacturing using efficient processes to achieve consistent high quality products for their customers.

Kelford is committed to its core values:
Personalised Service: Kelford Cams continues to supply one-off, custom designed products to suit individual requirements. This is where they began and this is what top level racers need to stand out above the rest;
Never Give Up: Kelford Cams works smarter to be better than their competitors and to ensure that their customers are successful;
Better by Design: Kelford Cams always strives to be better than they are currently, continually designing, innovating and learning, looking at what works well today and making it even better tomorrow…

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Posted on

March 9, 2016