Welcome to THP, a one stop shop for all of your performance upgrade needs.

Our mission is to make your project car outperform the competition

on the track, hill climb, quarter mile or your local back road.


People who want their car to be tuned to perfection will settle for nothing less than a custom dyno tuning in order to fine-tune engine operation and make the most out of their hardware capabilities. You can be sure that the car is still going to do everything it did when it was standard


Here at THP we offer engine building and rebuilding services based upon your specific needs and goals. We transfer our motorsport experience into street car builds resulting in long life engines consistently operating at their peak level of performance. The parts used...


A complete build doesn't have to be the only solution! We can also provide you individual services like bespoke intake and exhaust systems, cylinder head porting, ceramic coating, WPC parts treatment, motorsport wiring etc. Due to the individual nature of these...


An ultimate no-compromise approach and the pinnacle of our offer is preparing cars for competitive racing. Our team members have 14 years of industry experience in building rally, hill climb and drag race machines. Subject to your chosen type of racing and specific...