Mitsubishi Evolution X 2.2L

Evolution X. Last Mitsubishi model that will be know as an Evolution. 4WD with 2.0 turbo engine. This model puts a stop on a long long Mitsubishi tradition of building fast saloon cars.

So, we made this one ready for hill climb racing. Engine is sleeved with darton sleeves and big bore pistons are used. It gave us proper 2200ccm, instead of OEM 1998ccm. Carrillo conrods and CP pistons keep the bottom of the engine in one piece. Pistons are ceramic coated in-house. Cosworth headgasket keeps the combustion pressures under control. Custom age 625 headstuds tighten the head to the block. Kelford B camshafts are in control of valvetrain, with Kelford beehive valve springs. Emtron KV8 controls the engine, with all additional sensors, to keep it safe from knock, oil and fuel loss of pressure. Lambda sensor controls the mixture up to 2.4bar of pressure, which is delivered with EFR8374 T3, through Full Race exhaust manifold.