Nissan 200sx Silvia RB25 ITB Twin Turbo

Started as “just an ECU change” project, this small Nissan become a true demonstration of proper car modifying for anyone who has 1% of octane running in his blood!

CA18 gave it’s place to RB25 which, along the way, ditched it’s small single turbo and embraced twin EFR 6258s.

Engine had a total overhaul using CP pistons and forged H-profile rods, while HKS stopper head gasket combined with ARP2000 head studs works to keep everything in place. Tomei Poncams with oversize Supertech valves are in charge of breathing, keeping the ported and polished head supplied with cold air, along with 4″ thick intercooler keeping the charge temperatures low and safe. RB25 gearbox is also here to sustain the abuse of the engine. Helix uprated clutch is the link between engine and gearbox.

The true brain that commands and overlooks everything is one of the world’s finest ECU’s, Emtron KV8. With all available sensors, it keeps the engine running strong and safe. Through the sensors, ECU logs and sees turbo, oil and fuel pressure, water, air, oil and fuel temperature, turbo compressor speed, EGT of both turbos, wheel speeds, diff speed. To keep it simple – everything is under control.