Subaru Impreza 2.65L

This Impreza STI is made as an ultimate response engine. The best of today turbocharger technology is used in a form of EFR 7163, the one and only mixed flow turbocharger on the market. Engine stroked to 2.6L, with sleeved block and 83mm crank is rev happy like a much smaller capacity engine. Oversize valves helps the breathing, Carrillo conrods and CP pistons are used for bottom end as are ACL bearings anf ARP case bolts. Uprated oil pump keeps the oil flowing to all vital parts of the engine. TGV delete and ported intake also do their part. 2.5RS big runner intake manifold flows better and more uniform than OEM sti one. Equal lenght Milletech exhaust manifold keeps the EGT’s down, maximizing the exhaust flow to the turbocharger. Emtron PNP takes care of engine control. Injectors are ID1000 and fuel pump is Walbro 450L.